Radio Frequency / Dielectric Preheater Systems, Parts, and Service.


Built for the pultrusion industry, the 12PT70 preheats wet resin and reinforcing fibers prior to the pultrusion die. The 12PT70 delivers up to 12 kW of RF power to heat several lines quickly and efficiently.


Optional rotator can preheat up to 15 pounds of typical resins in 60 seconds with a 4 or more row rotator. Other standard options for this preheater with a standard 32”x26” top electrode include remote start, temperature sensor, positive exhaust system and PLC controller.


4 kW top-opening 80 MHz air-cooled unit, which is ideal for preheating small jobs efficiently. It can preheat typical resins at an approx. rate of 2.0 pounds in 60 seconds and features top electrode dimensions of 8”x 8”.

Text Box: 40PH80:
Text Box: 10 kW (12.5 kW max.) unit used for preheating resin for plastics molding. With a 16”x 18” top electrode this highly-efficient machine features a motor driven conveyor for ease of loading.


 20 kW conveyorized 80 MHz workhorse designed especially for preheating a continuous flow of preforms for more efficient molding of high production, high quality parts. Finding wide acceptance in the thermoset molding industry, it can heat up to 6 to 8 pounds per minute of typical compounds from ambient to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.


Nemeth® Preheaters

7.5kW unit with 14”x14”  top electrode.


15 kW unit with 18” x 20” upper electrode. 


Remanufactured and New Units Available:

15 kW air-cooled 100 MHz systems designed to heat medium size jobs efficiently. Designed to use either 480 or 240 3-phase 60 Hz volts, the unit only requires 36”x 40”of floor space.