Radio Frequency / Dielectric Preheater Systems, Parts, and Service.





Power Output

12 kilowatts, continuous

Electrode Width

16 inches

Electrode Length

10 inches

DC Power Supply

Solid state diode, full wave, MOV protected.

Operating Frequency

70 MHz nominal.


Air cooled. An 8” diameter duct is provided for connection to the 1200 CFM of positive external, clean air supplied by customer.

Electric Power Input

480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 50 Amp

Controls and Indicators

The control panel is designed for remote mounting at a convenient location in the production line.

         Buttons and Switches

Startup; Shutdown; Start Heat; Stop/Reset; Decrease Power; Increase Power; Local/Remote Selector switch for RF Heat.


Generator ON; Air Flow; Doors Open; Low Power Limit; Upper Power Limit; Overload; RF ON.


DC-Kilovolts; Plate Current; Grid Current; Filament Hours.

         Electrode Height

Mechanical pointer, (display facing direction to be specified).

Cabinet Dimensions

30” along the line x 6’ deep x 9 feet tall.

Working Height

Product centerline adjustable from 42” to 51” from the floor.

Weight (approx.)

800 pounds

Standard options


           IR temperature display.

Displays external exit temperature.

           Drip temperature control.

Automatically controls the power for consistent heating, based on exit drip temperature.

           IR temperature control.

Controls the power based on IR sensing of external temperature.

           Spark detector.

Senses sparks and temporarily stops the RF then restarts automatically. Can be set to shut down and sound an alarm or activate another device.